As I type this (on my PDA, I really need a laptop), I am sitting in a waiting room with my wifeat her doctor. Why do I bring this up? Because we got here at 4:45 pm and her appointment is at 5:20 pm. You may think that this doesn’t mean anything, and normally I would agree with you. However, the fact that it is now 6:00 with no hope in site (as there are still two people ahead of her, not counting the ones that are in the examining rooms), has turned my attention to this injustice.

Why is it that Doctors can schedule 5, 10, or even 20 people for the same time slot? They charge high prices for a 5-10 min. appointment, yet you have to wait 2 hours past your appointment just to be seen.  

Does any one else see a problem with this?

Or how about airlines that sell tickets for their planes, knowing full well that they do not have enough room on that plane to accommodate all the people who purchased those tickets?

But what can you do? I’ll tell you what you can do. NOTHING!!!

But I for one am doing something. I’m complaining. I’m complaining to people that don’t care about my plight and have no way of changing these circumstances. I am expressing myself. I am wasting your time and mine. But hey, I’m board. I’m sitting here with nothing to do and you just happen to be an innocent bystander who are stuck listening (reading) to me rant.

Don’t get mad at me!

No one made you read this!

That was your choice!

Breath…. Breath…. Breath… ok, ok, I’m calm now. Sorry, I didn’t mean to yell at you.

WHAT!!!! Why are they calling her in! We were in here first. Hey, Hey get away from me. Take that white coat somewhere else. Is that a needle? Nooooo! I don’t need to be sedated! Ouch! That hurrrrrtzzzzzzzz.


The following is an e-mail that I received from The American Family Association. I have placed it here in its entirety. 


Here Are the Facts on the Cross Issue ACLU and activist judge put on ice over Mt. Soledad cross by Supreme Court

Dear George,

In our latest AFA Action Alert, we asked you to take action by encouraging the U.S. Senate to pass legislation protecting the crosses in all federal cemeteries and use Article Three, Section Two to remove jurisdiction from federal judges.

There has been some confusion regarding our Action Alert. Many have been led to believe by outdated material and websites that the ACLU’s efforts are nothing more than a rumor or hoax.

I have said, and maintain, that the ACLU is behind the effort to remove this cross.

Late last Friday, according to CBS News, Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy intervened in a 17-year battle over a large cross on city property in San Diego, allowing the 29-foot structure to remain until its supporters complete a legal challenge.

U.S. District Judge Gordon Thompson had ordered the city to remove the structure by Aug. 1 or face a fine of $5,000 a day. Thompson ruled the cross unconstitutional in 1991, but the case has remained in courts and become an issue of public policy.

I urge you to research the facts for yourself. Please take time to view these sources regarding the ACLU and the activist judge who wants the cross removed.

Judge orders San Diego cross removed. Gives city 90 days in case brought by ACLU-backed atheist

Supreme Court Saves San Diego Cross. Ruling Stays Order That Would Have Forced City To Remove It

It is only logical that if the cross is removed from the Mt. Soledad Memorial, then the next move by the ACLU would be to remove crosses from all memorials and cemeteries.

Take Action

If you haven’t already, would you please take time to contact your Senators and ask them to pass legislation protecting the crosses (indeed, all religious symbols) in all federal cemeteries and memorials? If the ACLU wins this battle, you can be sure they will pursue removing crosses from national cemeteries everywhere.Please take action to protect our right to have crosses above the graves of those who have given their lives to protect our religious freedom.

Click Here to Email Your Senators Now!

Or, copy and past this link to your browser –

If you think our efforts are worthy, would you please support us with a small gift? Thank you for caring enough to get involved.


Donald E. Wildmon, Founder and Chairman
American Family Association 

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Go visit Alicia’s site and offer your support.

I recently preached this message at Chicago Baptist Academy. CBA is a Christian school for inner-city children.  

To understand why I made some of the statements that I made in this sermon, I feel that it is necessary to give you some background on the school and those that attend it. 

First off, I ask that you consider the fact that these children are surrounded by the Devil’s stronghold. They are living in a battle zone, both physically and spiritually. They come from homes where the majority of the men have been incarcerated at least once. They deal with living in homes where their life is in danger at any moment. Their neighborhoods are infested with gangs and drugs and prostitution. Sometimes even within the very walls that they call home. 

Although many have made decisions for Christ (some of the young men have surrendered to preach, many have surrendered to the mission field, and most have put away worldly living), they are constantly bombarded by the world, the flesh, and the Devil. They make strong and sound decisions that can, and should last a lifetime. Yet, they are constantly challenged by those whom surround them. I dare say that not many Christians could survive the circumstances that these young people face. They are powerless (humanly speaking) to change their environment. But, as I challenged them, I believe they can make a great impact through the power of God.  

Only if they’d dare to be a Daniel. Oh that all of us would dare to be a Daniel. 

Listen and enjoy: 

Daniel’s Decision
Daniel Chapter One 

WARNING: This sermon may be considered, by some, to be “Hard Preaching”. If you don’t like preaching where the preacher “tells it like it is”, then maybe you aught not listen. I will be posting Bible Studies later on that deal more with teaching. 

Comments are welcomed. Please do not criticize the delivery. Feel free to comment on the subject. 

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This article has really helped my wife and I with the issue of sharing. We have 4 children (ages 6, 5, 4 & 3) Two boys in one room and two girls in another. What a joy it is to see the children sharing of their own free will. What a joy to see them negotiate with each other over each other’s toy, or to see them learn the concepts of justice.

It’s Mailbag Monday… 

To start it off I received an e-mail about…. 


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Below are some practical solutions that will solve many problems. 

A solution to several problems! A win win win scenario: 

Dig a moat the length of  the Mexican  border. 

Take the dirt and raise the levies in New Orleans. 

Put the Florida alligators in the moat.   

Any other problems you would like for me to solve? 


Well, that’s enough mail for today. 

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 Please go to her website and drop the parents a note of encouragement. Let them know that you will be praying for their daughter. Then…


Prayer works my friends. All of my children are testimony to this truth. God does answer prayer!

My wife and I know what this family is going through, they need your prayers and encouragement.