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It’s Mailbag Monday… 

To start it off I received an e-mail about…. 


You can view more about the Holmgrens here. 


Then here is a link to a wonderful message. I was there 


Below are some practical solutions that will solve many problems. 

A solution to several problems! A win win win scenario: 

Dig a moat the length of  the Mexican  border. 

Take the dirt and raise the levies in New Orleans. 

Put the Florida alligators in the moat.   

Any other problems you would like for me to solve? 


Well, that’s enough mail for today. 

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 Please go to her website and drop the parents a note of encouragement. Let them know that you will be praying for their daughter. Then…


Prayer works my friends. All of my children are testimony to this truth. God does answer prayer!

My wife and I know what this family is going through, they need your prayers and encouragement.

I am working on a format that will allow me to upload my audio sermons and Bible studies. Presently, WordPress.com will allow us to embed video files from Google and YouTube. I’m hoping that they will give us the ability to do this with similar sites that allow us to upload our audio content.

Until then however, I am working on a way to make my audio files into video files so that I can upload them into Youtube and then on my blog. There is still a problem with that as they only allow you to upload files that are no longer than 10 min. There is a way around that by becoming what they call a “Director”. I have submitted my request and am waiting to see what happens.

Either way, I have found a place (ourmedia.org) to which I can upload my audio files. The worse case scenario is that I’ll just post a brief description of the content and then link to the audio on the other site.

So stay tuned right here at More Than Right.

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Welcome to my new home. I used to run this blog on Blogspot, but as of late I have been experiencing more problems than not with them. There are some things that I like about their services. Such as being able to edit my template.

But I think I’ll like this one more. For instance, I can now have categories and pages. It will take me a while to learn my way around but, we’ll give it a shot.

As to my previous blog, you can find it here. One thing I’ll miss is that I just learned that you can post video to the blog and it seems as if you can not do so here. Oh, well.

I will be posting some of the articles from that site to here periodically, just in case I get new readers.

As to the purpose for this blog… Well, it has evolved over time from being a political commentary to a Bible based blog. I will be continuing the theme of Biblical Perspectives in a modern world. I hope you like. Come back often and join in on the discussion…