I recently preached this message at Chicago Baptist Academy. CBA is a Christian school for inner-city children.  

To understand why I made some of the statements that I made in this sermon, I feel that it is necessary to give you some background on the school and those that attend it. 

First off, I ask that you consider the fact that these children are surrounded by the Devil’s stronghold. They are living in a battle zone, both physically and spiritually. They come from homes where the majority of the men have been incarcerated at least once. They deal with living in homes where their life is in danger at any moment. Their neighborhoods are infested with gangs and drugs and prostitution. Sometimes even within the very walls that they call home. 

Although many have made decisions for Christ (some of the young men have surrendered to preach, many have surrendered to the mission field, and most have put away worldly living), they are constantly bombarded by the world, the flesh, and the Devil. They make strong and sound decisions that can, and should last a lifetime. Yet, they are constantly challenged by those whom surround them. I dare say that not many Christians could survive the circumstances that these young people face. They are powerless (humanly speaking) to change their environment. But, as I challenged them, I believe they can make a great impact through the power of God.  

Only if they’d dare to be a Daniel. Oh that all of us would dare to be a Daniel. 

Listen and enjoy: 

Daniel’s Decision
Daniel Chapter One 

WARNING: This sermon may be considered, by some, to be “Hard Preaching”. If you don’t like preaching where the preacher “tells it like it is”, then maybe you aught not listen. I will be posting Bible Studies later on that deal more with teaching. 

Comments are welcomed. Please do not criticize the delivery. Feel free to comment on the subject. 

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