In this day of modernism, I feel that it is necessary to shed light and to show sound truth. As the name of this page might suggest, I am a Baptist. To clarify, I am an independent Baptist. I do not believe in hierarchical church government, but rather that each church is a local body of called out, baptized believers who are separated unto God and good works. Each church is accountable to God through the leadership of it’s pastor.

To make things even more clear, I pledge my allegiance to God’s Word. Not an organization or denomination. Therefore, I consider myself to be a Biblicist first, a Baptist second.


One Response to “A Biblical Baptist”

  1. JTR Says:

    Wanted to invite you to join the IFB KJV Blog Directory
    A directory for Independent Fundamental Baptists who love the King James Version of the Bible and have a blog on any subject. This directory (blog roll) is a place to post your personal IFB KJV blog, or even occasional posts from your blog(s). The full details are here:

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