I am working on a format that will allow me to upload my audio sermons and Bible studies. Presently, WordPress.com will allow us to embed video files from Google and YouTube. I’m hoping that they will give us the ability to do this with similar sites that allow us to upload our audio content.

Until then however, I am working on a way to make my audio files into video files so that I can upload them into Youtube and then on my blog. There is still a problem with that as they only allow you to upload files that are no longer than 10 min. There is a way around that by becoming what they call a “Director”. I have submitted my request and am waiting to see what happens.

Either way, I have found a place (ourmedia.org) to which I can upload my audio files. The worse case scenario is that I’ll just post a brief description of the content and then link to the audio on the other site.

So stay tuned right here at More Than Right.

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