Welcome to my new home. I used to run this blog on Blogspot, but as of late I have been experiencing more problems than not with them. There are some things that I like about their services. Such as being able to edit my template.

But I think I’ll like this one more. For instance, I can now have categories and pages. It will take me a while to learn my way around but, we’ll give it a shot.

As to my previous blog, you can find it here. One thing I’ll miss is that I just learned that you can post video to the blog and it seems as if you can not do so here. Oh, well.

I will be posting some of the articles from that site to here periodically, just in case I get new readers.

As to the purpose for this blog… Well, it has evolved over time from being a political commentary to a Bible based blog. I will be continuing the theme of Biblical Perspectives in a modern world. I hope you like. Come back often and join in on the discussion…